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Jan Wickline is a multitalented musician who not only performs but composes and produces music as well. He has a songbook of over 120 songs. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. He has compiled and recorded several of his original works in the Amber City Studios. Due to the large amount of interest generated by fans and friends, he is now making his original music available for downloading. Some of his music has been available at My Space. Jan has recently completed his first fully produced CD entitled "Hands of Time" with an All Star Cast of musicians. The CD was produced and arranged by Manny Moreira, long time friend and musician. In addition,legendary producer John Simon produced, scored and directed string arrangements on two songs "Artist" and "Hands of Time" CD. The CD is now available for sale on CD Baby. Individual songs are available for download at iTunes. Musicians such as Steve Holley, Vince Gericho, Leo Traversa, Mike Viseglia, Ted Baker, Rob Thomas, David Kuhn, Ray Marchica, Curt Briggs, Paul Woodill, Alejandra Maiave, Matt Goeke, Mary Gatchell, Matt Perri, Cliff Korman, Jonathan Peretz, Paul Shapiro all contributed to this musical production. "Hands of Time" encompasses a collection of songs of different genres ranging from retro-70's and 80's rock to jazz and fusion. We are currently in pre-production mode for Jan Wickline's second album featuring the Amber City Band. We are in the process of song selection and recording of demo tracks. We are also deciding on additional guest musicians that will perform on the album. Progress of the album will be updated on this website periodically. A release date has not been set as of yet. You can e-mail us at amberlady007@janwicklinemusic.com for more information.

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Upcoming Shows

We have several fundraisers and charitable events in the works. No dates have been established as of yet. We will be performing our original music in concert at the Brentwood Public Library on October 4th, 2009 at 2 pm. Seating is limited so please come early.


I have spent the better part of my life as a songwriter and musician. At age 2, I started banging around pots and pans and anything else that made sounds or played music. When I was 3 years old, we had an uncle who came to live with us. He had a collection of music which seemed to me at the time to be odd and strange. He had everything from merengues to early blues, Louis Armstrong to Benny Goodman; calypso by Harry Belafonte to Serkovia; even a bit of American folk music such as the Kingston Trio. This early exposure to world music made a great impression on me. I was immersed in music even before my first taste of American rock and roll prior to the British invasion. When the Beatles opened the door for songwriters, it seemed as if the floodgates had been opened. With it, hundreds maybe thousands of artists wanted the exposure and a defining sound. I was only eight when the Beatles first appeared. Although I didn't own, let alone play an instrument except sing, I already knew what I was going to do with my life. I don't think I regretted my decision once in the last 40 years or so. The drive to perform and compose was so strong. As a kid growing up in Coney Island, if you had the time,I always had a song. I'd make them up on the spot and sometimes I'd get a nickel or a few pennies. Sometimes I got smiles from the girls living on my block. It wasn't the money or attention so much as what I did. Music to me is not just a profession but a spiritual path. It's my destiny, my love, my life. If I have something musically to say it must be said and there is no way around it nor do I want there to be. My compositions are written in several different styles, but I feel there is a common thread through them that defines them as my own. If you have a moment I would like to share my music with you. If you have a few minutes, I've got a song.

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When I am asked what type of music I play, I am at a loss for words which is a problem that doesn't occur often in my life. I play rock, hard and soft, some metal, some folk, British early retro, art rock and fusion. Fusion is by definition more than one style such as jazz and rock. Today we have fusions of every kind of music and I believe it's only limited by your imagination. One can combine a little Eastern modal fusion with some Latin and African percussion layered over synthetic ambient pads of strings phasing in and out of time. Add an occasional key change and polyrhythmic division of the beat. Think of sounds as building blocks that you throw up into the air, and then neatly or randomly stack them into structures either big or small gluing them together. It's not easy to describe music in physical ways because it exists while it is occurring. It then goes into its place in the memories of those who choose to give it a home, or it rests silently always ready for a chance to vibrate. It then takes on a physical quality of pushing waves of sound and moving the air around it. When it reaches its destination, your ear, it is reconstructed into the impulses your brain can understand. There it is where the idea becomes a reality instantly and then returns to being an idea but not before imparting a physical memory to the listener. Okay I know I've gone far off the old beaten track. This much I can say categorically. I play All World Music- a little bit of this and that. There are some styles that I like more than others. I can't classify my music as it would be easier to listen to it. But if you need to categorize it, you can file it under All World Music.

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